Objective – Sharp Smart Brain

A drill for Brain Skill is a brain developing program specially designed for children falling under 7-10 years of age group. Under this program children are trained for various activities like eye-hand co-ordination, memory building, logic developing etc.
Children also learn various exercises for mind developing and body relaxing. DFBS helps to explore the creativity and logic power within the children with the help of different activities. Most importantly children are encouraged to learn good habits. It is being conducted for 1-4th std students.

Training Programs for Primary Students (5th, 6th, 7th Students)

  • Self Discipline
  • Creating Lasting Impression – (Manners & Etiquette Program)
  • Developing Responsibility
  • Improving Concentration, Memory
  • Improving Reading & Writing Skills

Training Programs for Secondary & higher Secondary Students (8th, 9th Students)

  • Characteristics of successful Learners.
  • Preparing for future.
  • Creativity Thinking
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Productive Attitude

Training Programs for Board Year Students (10th, 12th Students)

  • Factors of success in Board Year
  • Conquering Time
  • Beating Stress
  • Revision Techniques

Execution Focus

  • Training Programs for College Students
  • Interview winning skills
  • Presentation Skills

Training Programs for Parents

  • For Preprimary Parents
  • For Primary Parents
  • For High School and Higher Secondary Parents

Training Programs for Teachers

  • Multifaceted Role of Teachers in present scenario (Looking at Global Trends)
  • Ideas to help Teachers in Improving Interest of Students in a Subject or Academics
  • The role of Assertiveness in Classroom Management
  • How to make children Intrinsically Motivated