Aptitude, Skill, Personality testing – For children of age group 14+

APTITUDE TESTS are widely used for career guidance throughout the world & known to be highly reliable. Five different APTITUDES are generally tested (With 9 Sub Tests).
Career decision is very important and is to be based on facts & reality and in this Endeavour, We are conducting an Aptitude Test for the student of 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th std.

The test is designed to provide an integrated standardized procedure of measuring the abilities of boys and girls for purposes of educational and vocational guidance.
We are providing Counseling to children with parents. Based on the Individual Profile, showing performance on different tests, we can tell what the students Aptitude is. We can suggest a number of career options that will be suitable for a particular student.

Theme Includes Multiple Designs

The Subject Competence test helps us to check and to know the basic competence in subjects like Science, Mathematics and English. Based on the result we can guide and plan improvement in our child for the further study and make him / her competent in particular subject.

The tests will measure the basic competence / skills of boys and girls for purposes of educational guidance. These tests will also check different skills;

All these Skills are required for getting hold on the subject. Based on the results we will able to know the areas in which child needs improvement.